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British Business Summit 2022

The global business crisis could not have come at a worse time. The global economic downturn, combined with the changing geopolitical landscape and the global trend of retreating from multilateralism, is putting enormous pressure on leaders, governments, and businesses to focus on the most pressing issues.

UK and Pakistan’s best business and economics cohort are stepping up to maximize their impact in on-site and virtual events.

Trade Junction Plus

Junction to Betterment

Established in 2019, Trade Junction Plus started out with utilities brokerage specifically broadband & energies. While these brokerages made TJP a success and still are but TJP believes in broadening it horizons. In came the car imports from Japan to the UK & Pakistan too and as before prevailed in that field too. And then came our passion project; Business Events. Starting small, learning the trade and now Trade Junction Plus is proudly coming up with its biggest expo in partnership with Bradford City Council, Pak UK Business Expo 2022. And We are only getting warmed up!
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Unique Objects Around the World
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Our Speakers

This is floting our key speakers section you can check the details about name, job, phone, email & more.
Tommy Martinez
Painter, Conceptual Artist
Nimrod Barshad
Sculptor, Conceptual Artist
Nimrod Barshad
Painter, Conceptual Artist

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